People of Britain

The political system and ethos here in Britain has spectacularly crashed and, like a failed computer system, the people of Britain need to...

The process for a seriously FRESH START in politics and for a SMARTER FUTURE for everything in Britain has begun in earnest. We offer a real opportunity for the political homeless and those seeking change.

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Reboot Parliament

The countdown to the end of the careers of all those politicians and councillors who have treated the British People with contempt, who have lied to us, and the countdown to the end of austerity has begun.

This Launch Site is just the beginning. The main website is being finalised at this time and will be uploaded very soon. It will be packed with information about Affinity, its strategy, its people, its suggested remedies for Britain - and for Brexit.

Smarter Future

Welcome to Affinity

a newly formed National Management Group presenting
Smart Democracy.
It is the proposed new method of management of Britain that ensures the Collective of sensible policies to be applied as decided by the
People of Britain.

Why Affinity?

Affinity presents itself to manage a new Britain, for its role in developing a new World, guaranteeing to uphold staple principles that are above politics:

And we make you another promise. Affinity personnel will always give you a direct answer to your questions.

Does Affinity have a colour?

Affinity has used pure common sense in the research towards solving all the issues facing Britain today, and will use the same common sense for the management of our nation going forward.

Affinity's colours are not blue, red, green, orange, or purple.

Do you want to make a difference?

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Whether you are employed, unemployed, or an existing MP or council official, we would like to hear from you. All communications will be dealt with in strict confidence.

Example Jobs Available

Typical vacancies being - Candidates for elections, administration, sales, media. Fuller information will be provided by email.

Selection Process

The process for recruitment has already started and will continue through to September 2018. Appointments will be made between October 2018 and January 2019.

Start dates

Depending on the job description, 41,000 people should be engaged by March 2019.